Can You Get Acupuncture For Frozen Shoulder? 


If you have frozen shoulder, you know what a burden it can be. Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which the shoulder’s range of motion becomes restricted. Although frozen shoulder is usually the result of a repetitive stress injury, underlying health conditions like diabetes, can contribute to the condition as well. If you’re hoping to prevent your frozen shoulder from progressing, and preserving, or even improving, your range of motion, you may be considering acupuncture as an alternative treatment strategy. But can you get acupuncture for frozen shoulder, or should you pursue other treatment options, instead?

Because acupuncture supports collagen synthesis, it can help you improve your flexibility while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation. This makes acupuncture an ideal holistic treatment for frozen shoulder. 

How can acupuncture help frozen shoulder patients?

Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder joint becomes stiff and painful to use. This condition can be acute or chronic. In either case, it can severely restrict a person’s range of motion, making even the most menial of daily activities, like putting a cereal box back in the cupboard, nearly impossible to accomplish.

Overuse, scar tissue from rotator cuff surgery, and underlying health conditions, like diabetes and thyroid disorders, can all contribute to frozen shoulder. Knowing the root cause of your frozen shoulder can help you treat it more effectively. Conventional medicine relies on pain medications to manage frozen shoulder. But acupuncture has proven itself to be an effective alternative treatment strategy.

There are several reasons why acupuncture is so helpful in treating frozen shoulder. Acupuncture increases circulation, improving blood flow to damaged tissues. It releases endorphins, powerful neurotransmitters that help the body cope with pain naturally. And, finally, it increases collagen formation, making it easier for your muscles to regain their flexibility and to remain supple.

Can acupuncture cure your frozen shoulder?

Like trigger finger, frozen shoulder can be a tricky condition to treat. But acupuncture has been shown to significantly improve the pain and stiffness associated with frozen shoulder. Of course, acute cases are usually easier to treat than chronic ones. If you’ve been struggling with frozen shoulder for years, it can be difficult to say how extensive the underlying damage is. In severe cases, acupuncture alone may not be able to fully heal your frozen shoulder. 

That said, acupuncture is a powerful supportive measure that, along with physical therapy and lifestyle modifications, can enable you to increase your comfort and flexibility over time. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with frozen shoulder, or whether you’ve been dealing with this condition for decades, acupuncture can benefit you. 

Can acupuncture prevent frozen shoulder?

Maybe you’ve had frozen shoulder in the past and you’re not eager to experience it again. Or, maybe you have a family history of this condition. In either case, acupuncture can be used to prevent the stiffness, pain, and swelling of frozen shoulder, sparing you from these annoying symptoms. 

Regular acupuncture sessions allow you to pinpoint musculoskeletal imbalances before they become severe. Acupuncture supports healthy muscle function all the way around, so each of your muscle groups pulls its own weight without burdening other muscle groups and causing dysfunction down the road. 

So in short, yes, acupuncture can help prevent frozen shoulder — and other musculoskeletal issues, like back pain — too!

How many acupuncture treatments will you need for frozen shoulder?

How many treatment sessions you will need to address your frozen shoulder depends on the underlying cause of your condition as well as the severity of your symptoms. Some patients may only need a few acupuncture treatments. Others will require ongoing sessions. Your acupuncturist will be able to help you determine how many treatments you will need to see a significant improvement in your symptoms. They may also recommend additional alternative therapies, like dry needling or cupping

In the event that your frozen shoulder is resolved in only a few acupuncture sessions, it’s still recommended to schedule an appointment every few months to keep your symptoms under control and to check for other musculoskeletal imbalances. Regular acupuncture sessions have the potential to benefit anyone, and it is just as effective as a preventative measure as it is a treatment option.

What can you expect from your acupuncture appointment?

Acupuncture may seem scary at first, especially if you’ve never been to an appointment. But acupuncture is actually quite enjoyable, as long-held tension is finally released, enabling your muscles to fully relax. Although multiple acupuncture sessions are usually advisable to treat frozen shoulder, patients can often see an improvement in their symptoms after a single visit. 

During your acupuncture session, your acupuncturist will first assess the severity of your condition to determine the best approach to your treatment. After deciding on the right path forward, needles will be inserted into various points across your body to stimulate circulation and reduce pain. The needles will be kept in place for about 20 to 40 minutes while you rest. 

When your session is over, the needles will be removed. You may be given a set of stretches to perform later to prevent your muscles from locking up again. Or, you may be advised to refrain from exercise for a period of time to give your muscles a chance to recuperate. Every case is different. Your acupuncturist will be able to assist you to determine the best course of action. 

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