Acupuncture can help you take your athletic performance to the next level

Often, acupuncture is alternative medicine’s first line of defense when treating musculoskeletal injuries. This all-natural treatment method is frequently recommended to help heal repetitive stress injuries common in athletes, including golfer’s elbow and runner’s knee. However, because acupuncture is capable of accelerating the healing process, it is equally effective at treating other conditions. Patients struggling with migraines, neuropathy, digestive disorders, stress, and anxiety can also enjoy the healing powers of acupuncture.

Acupuncture has the potential to benefit anyone, regardless of activity level. But if you’re an athlete or just an active person, acupuncture can be particularly helpful for you. Because acupuncture increases circulation to tense, over-flexed muscles, it reduces inflammation and swelling quickly. This results in a near-instantaneous improvement in your flexibility.

If your physical performance has been declining lately, acupuncture can help improve your comfort level so you can train more effectively and rebuild your strength.

Acupuncture views the body from a holistic perspective. It starts by identifying the parts of your body that are dysfunctional, then stimulates the nervous system to restore balance. As each needle is inserted into the various acupoints around your body, it triggers the release of pain-relieving chemicals, including endorphins and enkephalins. These substances modulate pain signals, altering the way your brain processes pain, and increasing your pain threshold naturally.

Although acupuncture utilizes needles, the procedure is not painful. Patients report feeling a sense of pressure as the needle is inserted, followed by a soothing warmth. While multiple sessions may be necessary to help you achieve the desired results, many patients experience immediate pain relief. Acupuncture promotes total relaxation, which can benefit your mood and mental clarity as well.

Whether you’re recovering from a recent injury or still trying to find a way to cope with the pain of an old one, acupuncture can provide you with some much-needed relief. At Orlando Alternative Health, we offer a variety of acupuncture services to help meet all of your health needs.

In addition to traditional acupuncture, our clinic offers Electroacupuncture. During an Electroacupuncture treatment session, needles are placed into strategic acupoints across the body, and a low-frequency current is passed through them. These short pulses create a tingling sensation that helps “wake up” underperforming muscles. In many cases, Electroacupuncture doubles the therapeutic effects of traditional acupuncture, providing relief for a range of conditions, including muscle knots and spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports injuries, and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

For patients with degenerative eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), our clinic offers Micro Acupuncture 48. This method of acupuncture utilizes 48 previously undiscovered acupoints located on the forehead, hands, and feet. The MA48 system is considered to be the leading edge in ophthalmic acupuncture and has offered many of our patients a better prognosis.

At Orlando Alternative Health, we’re committed to helping you improve your well-being. Contact our office today to find out if acupuncture is the treatment for you, and to learn more about the many other alternative therapies we offer that can assist you on your path to wellness.

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